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20.5 Finally a new update! This time, I'm taking a break from the regular storyline. I'm also taking a break from lettering, to see if it saves me some time or not. No promises of regular updates for the moment, but I'm going to work more on both of my comic strips this summer.

5.3I know, I know...

It's been nearly two months since the last strip, despite the fact that I'm still on the same storyline. I'm going to keep a schedule of one new strip every tuesday for the time being. In the meantime, my Norwegian listeners might be interested to know that I've finally launched my Norwegian-language comic strip Et Rop Om Hjelp. That's the one I'm going to concentrate on right now, so look for more frequent updates on that strip. Things are happening.

23.1.2002: is this strip's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. I should have something profound to say, or some sort of celebratory strip made, but I simply haven't had the time! It is a kind of hollow anniversary anyway, since the site was updated only very sporadically from may to december, and was even down for a while. This year, I intend to keep a regular update all year, but I have to give up the thrice-a-week schedule that I did so well (mostly) last winter and spring. I have other projects I'd like to work on.

Thanks, by the way, to my college buddy Håvard Krøvel-Velle (if you don't speak Norwegian, give up trying to pronounce that name right away:)) who told all the members of his site's mailing list about me and this strip. But I'd like more feedback from those people (and from the rest of you). Are you reading this, guys? Let me know!

1.1.2002 We're back! My new year's resolution is to get OWS back on track, so I'm starting the new year with a couple of strips I finished a while ago; One is a (possibly slightly dated) stand-alone strip, the other is part three of a storyline that I've named Die Mensch-Fledermaus, and that will explore Hutter's background. This one is my most ambitious story to date; It'll run for a couple of months and take this strip to a whole new setting. But I might interrupt the story occasionally if and when there's something else I'd like to comment in my strip.
I can't promise you that I'll always follow my intended schedule (new strip every monday and thursday), but I can guarantee you that this site will be updated much more frequently than it's been since last spring. Also, this month it's OWS' 1 year anniversary on the net. Not that much to celebrate, given that the site has been mostly inactive for half a year, but I might make a little occasion out of it, anyway.

Welcome back! Or more correctly, welcome me back (please).

12.12. I can't promise that OWS will always be updated on the intended schedule in the future, but for the time being I will be updating it regularly - Also during christmas. Next strip should be up on friday.

I've removed my George Harrison Tribute to its own page, by the way

1.12: Special feature Now, I'm not going to make a tribute stripe every time some important entertainer croaks, but you didn't expect me to let the death of George Harrison pass unnoticed, did you? Peace and love, George.

Return at last!Welcome back all! After a nearly 4-month long hiatus, Once Were Stars is back! The most important reasons why I waited so long is technical difficulties and of course, simple old lack of time. Time is still an issue; For the forseeable future, I will only have time to make two OWS strips a week. They will be posted every monday and friday
In the meantime, my fellow Norwegians might be interested in knowing that I'm working on a new Norwegian-language comic strip. When it debuts on my
Norwegian comic site, it will be announced.

There will be some changes in OWS, mostly on the art side. Hutter will be drawn to look more like an actual fruitb...uh, Flying Fox, rather than an ordinary bat. Some of my human characters might change their appearance as well.

Keenspace just keeps on growing, and the competition for attention gets harder in the webtoon business. After four months, I have a lot of catching up to do in the advertising department as well. In the meantime, enjoy!

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